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In view of the urgent need that has arisen in recent times on the whole world for electronic services, which have become indispensable, this need was the first seed of the idea of ​​creating a unique website of its kind that provides multiple services of high quality and even combining them in one platform that facilitates The site visitor should know everything that is new and how to make the most of the services provided by us in a way that reflects positively on the nature of his activity. Therefore, the site was keen from the beginning to provide its services with professionalism and high quality, by employing the latest technology in line with the needs of the visitors.


Saman.ae is not like any other competitor site, as it is considered as a leading global platform specialized in free classified ads, which covers the UAE with its services at the present time and looks forward to spreading between Arab countries and even global countries in the future in an attempt to achieve the greatest possible benefit for both the seller and the buyer. whether. Not only that, but it is expected to be launched as a platform for serving smartphones through Father Stores and Google Play in the near future, God willing.


And as Saman.ae is one of the largest specialized websites in the world of advertising agencies, with its relentless pursuit of making the whole world in your hands through the Internet by marketing your service, commodity, or holdings of all kinds for free without receiving any commissions from either party. This on the one hand, and on the other hand, allows you to exchange your possessions and things that you do not want to sell with other purposes. It is one of the great features that are only available on the saman website.


It is worth noting that the saman website, which is working on a veteran team of workers at the highest level of competence with high experience over several years in many disciplines, was launched on 08-16-2011. Which was carefully launched by his dedicated team to create it as a platform through which it is easy to publish and follow ads from the browser. Where the user of " Saman.ae " inserts his advertisement easily and easily through many classifications. He can also reach the largest number of those interested in advertising within a few minutes compared to other competing sites for what distinguishes the site from high technologies, which ensure that the user's advertisement reaches the largest target segment in more than one country Not only that, but the site’s technologies helped to facilitate the search for the needs of the buyer with ease.


This website includes all kinds of ads that include cars, real estate, and all electronic devices alike; From heavy equipment such as printers, televisions, etc. to computers, mobile devices, video games and many more. And other services that are very popular.

saman Message


saman seeks to improve and revive one of the most important sources of the global economy, which has become widespread, namely electronic commerce, by establishing a professional platform for the exchange of goods and services within deals that satisfy both parties.

This also seeks to Saman.ae  to provide high-quality services compatible with the needs of the customer in both Arabic and English

As well as providing a work environment and an advanced platform that helps to raise the efficiency of the site to reach customer satisfaction and comfort in accessing information in the simplest and easiest way possible and in record time.


Saman Vision

Saman vision is limited to being the first site in terms of being the only website that has the lead in collecting all that matters to the customer with all his needs and who may not need him for any other site, especially with the continuous development of the site in terms of technology and providing him with daily updated information related to e-commerce interest By achieving comprehensive and innovative services and solutions in an optimal manner, which is not available in any other site, which has enriched the site with the confidence of its customers for its excellence in finding comprehensive solutions that serve customers' requirements.